Get down to business with CENTER, an entirely new concept in multi-functional design. Incorporating all your electronic devices into one beautiful piece of furniture, form and function come together to create an amazing entertainment system. Exciting angular design blends seamlessly with today's modern living environments. CENTER is a special workplace that is practical to use, exquisite to look at and holds an unexpected secret.
When its time to play, CENTER transforms into a Digital Piano!
Fold down the front panel and slide out the hidden drawer to reveal a full function 76 note Digital Piano. Graded Hammer Action keyboard has 189 note polyphony, 128GM voices with special effects, 13,000 note sequencer and much more. Powerful stereo sound system is carefully concealed to maintain the sleek look of CENTER.
Unwind with CENTER by playing all your multimedia devices through its powerful sound delivery system. Place your smartphone, work pad or MP3 player on or near CENTER and its Bluetooth compatibility transforms your favorite music into concert hall sound. Use the included remote control to navigate your song list and raise or lower the volume. CENTER is a complete, multi-function entertainment furniture system when its time to:
Work. Play. Relax.

Desk/Digital Piano/Sound System
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CTR-3ch CHAIR      
Hi Polish Aluminum Chair
Hi Polish Aluminum Chair!
(A $249 value-while supplies last)

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