CTP-88 Classroom Teaching Piano
Finish: Mahogany Wood Grain
Price: $999*

*Curbside Delivery Included!

The Classroom Piano in a Class by Itself.
Or Right at Home.

The new Suzuki CTP-88 might as well be described as a computer with keys. The level of technology packed into the compact yet beautiful wood grain cabinet is nothing short of amazing. As a teaching tool in your classroom, nothing compares in it price category. As an entertainment center in your living room, create, listen, store, compose!

Technically speaking, the CTP-88 has enhanced performance features not found on any Digital Piano in its price range. A full compliment of hi-tech features allow for endless musical possibilities. With blue tooth compatibility, you can access music, lessons and demonstrations from the internet any way you choose. A true full color LCD control screen makes it easier to organize your selected features. Only the most advanced synthesizers boast 128 note polyphony for incredible full bodied sound. The CTP-88 includes this advanced feature. The piano voice is an amazing 24Mb of powerful sound reproduction played through an acoustically design 4 way stereo sound system. Create your own original compositions with the on-board 3 track music sequencer. Save and store to the Secure Digital(SD) Memory Card.

The new CTP-88 is a complete classroom teacher platform or home entertainment center. You and your students will enjoy multiple levels of technology in todays modern music making instrument. Try one soon for you or your classroom!

CTP-88 Classroom Teaching Piano
Curbside Delivery Included
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