SZV-48 Acoustic Vertical Piano
Cabinet size: 48"   
Black High Gloss Finish
Price: $3995 On Sale Now! $3495*

*Delivery, Setup and Tuning Included!

There is simply no substitute for the traditional style and sophisticated elegance of a magnificent vertical piano. Our top-of-the-line Acoustic Vertical Piano is an instrument of exceptional beauty and size, with a full, rich voice capable of filling even the most spacious rooms. An expansive soundboard and acoustic chamber give this 48'' piano extended power and projection, making it an ideal choice for home, school, church or recording studio. A perennial favorite among discerning pianists, our Acoustic Vertical Piano offers outstanding musical performance that sets the standard by which others are measured. Ideal for a full range of pianists from beginner to pro, it offers the superb tonal and expressive control that are the hallmarks of the exceptionally responsive Suzuki Action (touch). Individually handcrafted from select materials by artisans with painstaking craftsmanship, our Acoustic Vertical Piano conveys every nuance of emotion. Unparalleled in beauty and dynamic musical expression, this amazing instrument combines a spruce soundboard and advanced German and Japanese technology to produce powerful, vibrant sound. You will treasure the graceful lines, timeless elegance and dynamic resonance of this upright piano priced far below others of its size, quality and precision.

SZV-48 Acoustic Vertical Piano
Delivery, Setup and Tuning Included!
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